Sunday, April 1, 2007

daniel powter - bad day

hani ergenlik döneminde okuduğumuz bol depresyon soslu kitapta demişler ya "birisi niçin tepemize kocaman siyah bir şemsiye açıp hepimizi yağmurun altından çekip almıyor?" diye. burda hatta kırmızı şemsiye söz konusu, daha bile güzel. seviyorum bu klibi. en bad day'imiz böyle olsun :P


Kavesa! said...

Sorry, but I don't understand your post, for the language I mean... but I could not pass by without leaving you a comment.
I've already knew the song, but not the video, and watching it here made me go find the lyrics and sing it one or two times... Thanks, you help me through my day :)
P.S.: Yeap, I make my own beer... do you like beer, or you prefer some other alcohol?

elif said...

hey kavesa,

i dropped by your page yesterday but i can't today, it says it's not a public blog so i'll have to answer you here.

hehe it's okay, i wouldn't expect you to understand turkish :)

i love that video. i listen to the song on my i-pod, cause it reminds me of the video.

i don't like beer actually i'm not a big fan of alcohol but i like shots, it's always fun and you get drunk without tasting much alcohol.

by the way, thanks for passing by!

Anonymous said...

uluslararasıyım. çekişme olmadan pekişme olmaz.