Saturday, May 31, 2008

Thursday, May 22, 2008


because i'm still ill and at home, i have a very intimate relationship with youtube. i've been watching a lot of stand up shows. i think demetri martin is a genius. he uses this term "conditional identity" in one of his jokes and i think it should be in the social psychology literature. follow the link. i know you want to.

i've also come across some pro ana shit as i was surfing on the internet. i know it's an illness, just like OCD or schizophrenia, but for some reason anorexics make me angry. they make me wanna shake them and say "get a life" until they puke. i'm gonna make a hell of a psychologist. puke therapy.

i'm gonna go out tomorrow night. aleksandra, a friend from the german course has this birthday thing. i'm still not all well, still got the bad throat and pre sleep coughs but i'm so sick of staying in and the social deprivation. i just won't drink and it'll be alright. won't be fun as much but still better.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

dane cook stand up comedy



öksürmekten uyuyamıyorum ve hasta olmaktan nefret ediyorum. sanırım yakında yangın var diye bağırıcam. yarın sabah gitmek zorunda olduğum psikoloji fakültesinde bağırabilirim mesela bu şekilde. histerik nevra serezli bağırışıyla göz doldurabilirim.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

faux de fa fa

ok so i got this one from fwengebola's blog

bunu da kendim buldum bu da fena diil:

ok so i'm in an international mood today and i'll write in english. actually i already have, as some of you might have noticed. well done. as it's saturday i'm in a full "yaaay party" mood but the fact that i've been having a hard time getting out of the bed for two days now keeps me from going out tonight. i think i caught a cold or something. i just dont have any energy. i've been sleeping all day long, i was practically dead. austria what you doin to me??

maybe i just got too tired with all the partying and the fact that i had a date with a TOTAL FREAK a few days ago didn't help either. i wonder if there are any, like ANY normal men in this country.

i discovered maximo park, thanks to steph, my english friend. i can't survive if i don't listen to "apply some pressure" a few times every day. i was quite disappointed they didn't play that at the "london calling" night. that's a thing they have at this club, they play songs from english bands or have live performances by english bands instead of playing boring techno, which they tend to play a lot here.

talking about music, gizem showed me this very talented and cute guy, who is a competitor at american idol at the moment. his name is david cook and he is awesome. check him out on youtube.

i hate the fact that i discovered flight of the conchords so late. this one right below is one of my fav:

hakkaten tam rüyanın dediği gibi yabancıların cenk erdemi.

talking about the facts i hate, i hate the fact that i had to stay in today and that i have to stay in tonight and miss all the fun. ufffff