Saturday, May 17, 2008

faux de fa fa

ok so i got this one from fwengebola's blog

bunu da kendim buldum bu da fena diil:

ok so i'm in an international mood today and i'll write in english. actually i already have, as some of you might have noticed. well done. as it's saturday i'm in a full "yaaay party" mood but the fact that i've been having a hard time getting out of the bed for two days now keeps me from going out tonight. i think i caught a cold or something. i just dont have any energy. i've been sleeping all day long, i was practically dead. austria what you doin to me??

maybe i just got too tired with all the partying and the fact that i had a date with a TOTAL FREAK a few days ago didn't help either. i wonder if there are any, like ANY normal men in this country.

i discovered maximo park, thanks to steph, my english friend. i can't survive if i don't listen to "apply some pressure" a few times every day. i was quite disappointed they didn't play that at the "london calling" night. that's a thing they have at this club, they play songs from english bands or have live performances by english bands instead of playing boring techno, which they tend to play a lot here.

talking about music, gizem showed me this very talented and cute guy, who is a competitor at american idol at the moment. his name is david cook and he is awesome. check him out on youtube.

i hate the fact that i discovered flight of the conchords so late. this one right below is one of my fav:

hakkaten tam rüyanın dediği gibi yabancıların cenk erdemi.

talking about the facts i hate, i hate the fact that i had to stay in today and that i have to stay in tonight and miss all the fun. ufffff


fwengebola said...

Obviously you know about the TV show too, I take it.

Unintended said...

yeah sweety!
there is NO SINGLE NORMAL MAN in austria, which drives me crazy too...
on the other hand, i just dont get why the hell you find david cook so sweet? he's talented, stylish, but kinda gay or? (sorry, sorry..)

elif said...

fweng- yes i know about the tv show. i try to watch as much as i can on youtube but looks like i'll have to download some.

unintended - shut up :D