Thursday, May 22, 2008


because i'm still ill and at home, i have a very intimate relationship with youtube. i've been watching a lot of stand up shows. i think demetri martin is a genius. he uses this term "conditional identity" in one of his jokes and i think it should be in the social psychology literature. follow the link. i know you want to.

i've also come across some pro ana shit as i was surfing on the internet. i know it's an illness, just like OCD or schizophrenia, but for some reason anorexics make me angry. they make me wanna shake them and say "get a life" until they puke. i'm gonna make a hell of a psychologist. puke therapy.

i'm gonna go out tomorrow night. aleksandra, a friend from the german course has this birthday thing. i'm still not all well, still got the bad throat and pre sleep coughs but i'm so sick of staying in and the social deprivation. i just won't drink and it'll be alright. won't be fun as much but still better.


insecteye said...

I can't believe the irresponsibility of "pro ana" stuff. These people are literally dying to maintain a standard that exists only in their heads. Perhaps it's Darwinism, but it makes me so angry.

i am not your freud said...

they are in so much denial that it's scary. such lack of reality...