Sunday, June 1, 2008

the don'ts of interaction with girls - a guide for men

ever since i came here i've been observing a lot of wrong approaches when it comes to guys interacting with girls they are interested in. so i decided to prepare this little guide for future referance. it's all based on real personal experience.

- don't ask a girl "is it the number of guys you've slept with?" after asking her how many bracelets there are on her arm and getting the answer "34". to be on the safe side, i would recommend not asking that question, regardless of the number of bracelets.

- don't tell a girl she is old after finding out she is two years older than you and if you do, don't be surprized when she doesn't want to talk to you anymore.

- don't kiss your forearm while talking to a girl you like. don't kiss your forearm again, while talking to a girl you like. unlike the common assumption, it is very repulsive.

- while hitting on a girl, don't call her a "bad bitch" and expect her to like that. if a girl doesn't want to share her drink with you, that doesn't necessarily mean she is a "bad bitch". don't be surprized when she doesn't like her new nickname and says she will slap you if you don't go away. in that situation, thank your lucky stars she threatened you instead of putting it into action.

- when on a date, don't eat a sandwich with garlic and onions and try to kiss a girl while you're still chewing.

- "hi, my friends just dared me to go to a girl and get her bra. can i have your bra?" is not a good pick up line.

no wonder freud is from austria.


suninherhead said...

hahah are you seriously dealing with those kind of men? honey stop teaching them stuff-first of all, they look like they are uncapable of learning anything from you- and let those pigs die in their own vommit haha. i will recheck my thoughts about our guys.

i am not your freud said...

yes it's all serious and all real. i'm not trying to teach them anything, i just wanted to share with people what i've been through and what i'm going through :P