Thursday, July 17, 2008

umbrella ella ella

probably the best cover ever with the gayest video ever

Saturday, July 5, 2008

whitest kids u know

hastasıyım. trevor'la evlenmek istiyorum.

Friday, July 4, 2008


now, i've met a shit load of weirdos and freaks since i'm aka the freak magnet, but this guy is ACE.

edit: they removed it. pfff :(

let's pretend happy end

ok first of all, something for the turks

yandı mı beyinler? moruk paraları sökül HA mı desem, manitanın arkasından çekil HA mı desem, o klipte hitler'in varlığına mı kafayı yesem karar veremedim. bi de küçük kızı tokatlayasım var.ayrıca 1:08'de en solda ipek'in eski sevgilisi büdü oynuyo.

so i'm not going to london after all. the visa process was a bitch. i didn't know having a visa as a turkish student in austria would be harder than having a visa from turkey. yeah you never stop learning. i have some uni beurocracy to deal with here, then i'm buying tickets for turkey and i'll be there as soon as possible. i'm coming back to vienna in september and my studies start in october. psychology in german is scary.

my erasmus friends recently went back. sad sad times. this city feels so empty now:( steph said she would be back in a year to move to vienna and she better not change her mind!! this is a threat. (insert dramatic chipmunk here)

my dad insists on going to the summerhouse altogether when i go to turkey and i'm trying to find a way out of this at the moment.the population there consists of 6 year olds and 60 year olds, so people and their grandchildren. every now and then dad says something about seeing people my age there, which makes me think he either imagines them or he still thinks i'm 6.

end of post.