Tuesday, September 30, 2008


i want to go and have a neurotic breakdown at the faculty of psychology because they still haven't finished checking the validity of my previous lectures and i still can't choose new lectures because of this tiny problem. *sigh*

Sunday, September 28, 2008

empty spaces

..."another failed romance". akşamları bi dilim ucuz pizzayla eve gelmek ve tek başına onu akşam yemeği niyetine yemek. bitürlü yeterince iyi almanca konuşamamak. yalnızlık. sıkıntısı çekilen ortak ilgi alanları. uyku. soğuk. küçük bi çocukla saatlerce oyun hamuru oynayıp geçmişi hatırlamak. oyun hamuru kokusu. ev. çay. deja vu. müzik. sıkıntı. jamais vu.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

under the milkyway tonight

i wish i knew what you were looking for/ i might have known what you would find

demiş the church "under the milkyway tonight" adı şarkısında ve de ne güzel demiş değil mi? evet. winamp'im bunun üstüne bi de "neither heaven nor space" çakmayı uygun gördü. peki...

i don't like mixed signals or when there are some signals and then there aren't. what is a signal anyway? i'm back in vienna now, trying to dust off my german and improve it while i'm at it. a friend of mine from istanbul university, gizem, is in vienna with her sister, who is an erasmus student here. i met her the other day and we talked about psychology and the field and what we're gonna do and the patients we had seen and bored the hell out of göksu and gizem's sister :) but i have to say that i missed talking about this stuff. we are going to bratislava altogether tomorrow morning. it's time i saw the city, it's like 1 hour away from vienna by bus and it's pretty cheap to get there.

that's it folks. that's all i can pull through my confused mind. goodnight.