Thursday, November 13, 2008

i'm bloggin it

i miss singing and writing songs. i wrote some stuff yesterday but it's not good enough and karaoke doesn't satisfy my singing needs anymore. i don't know why i'm too chicken to seek out a band here.

i was at the library yesterday. all day. seriously. yesterday was a milestone in my life. i was there from 10:30 to 21:30. of course the fact that i was with aleksandra and her friends lead to me staying there that long. if it wasn't for the fun little breaks we had, i would have run away after 3 hours. i had to study some physiological and biological stuff under the subject of "perception" and i'm not gonna lie, i felt like tearing up axons and plucking dendrids after a while. i did a lot of work though, so it's all good. bad thing about studying that long is when you get back home, you don't wanna go to bed cause then it'll be like you studied all day and went to sleep.all work no play. so i stayed up late talking to my best friends online and i had a tiny bit of difficulty waking up early today. so yeah basically i couldn't get up to go to the library today. this library we are going to is kinda small compared to the others and it gets completely full if you go there after 10 in the morning. then at around 17:00, some people start going away so until then you can't pretty much find a vacancy. yesterday, i saw a girl who was studying on the stairs cause even the newspaper reading section was full. it's insane.

aleksandra has a crush on a guy who comes to the library pretty often. at some point she was staring at him and running away giggling like a 13 year old, which was pretty funny :) but i mean can you imagine meeting someone at the library?

x: so how did you guys meet?
y: oh we met at the library. you tell them cupcake!
z: alright so i asked him if he could reserve a place for me and he said "oh i could also reserve a place for you HERE" and showed his heart!
x: aaaaawww!!!
z: i know, right?
y: (proud grin)

i stil don't know when i'll go to turkey for a visit. i have to decide that and then buy the tickets. i can't decide when it would be better for me to go since i have an important test in march and i won't be studying while i'm in turkey. maybe in january? i don't know. i don't like making far out plans. i also don't like groccery shopping, but that's another story.

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