Friday, November 21, 2008


right now i'm enjoying being all warm and comfortable while it's freezing cold, rainy and windy outside. yesterday it was so windy that at some point i thought i was gonna fly away to some dark corner of the universe... or austria, for that matter. i feel like lazing around today. i would love to just cuddle all afternoon long, like i did last year. i was feeling all happy and safe and warm inside.

"music is my blanket"

yesterday a serbian guy, who was a friend of aleksandra, wanted to learn how to say "attention! börek is my first love" in turkish. i think that was the weirdest sentence in turkish that i ever taught someone. later on, as i was pushing a heavy door to go out of the library, i made some weird and funny sounds that implied that the door was heavy and i was a weird person, thinking he was right behind me, but when i turned around i came face to face with a total stranger, who to my surprise smiled at me.

i found a white hair on my head the other day. it made me sad. however, people get surprised when i say i'm 24 and say i look 20 or 21 tops. i love that.

foreeeever youuuung i want to beee foreeeeever youuuung

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