Thursday, November 27, 2008

new people

i'm at göksu's dorm again. we ate at mcdonalds again (they have to give us a gold membership or a trophy or something for being such regulars) then she left to run an errand and i went back to her room, where i practically live. theoretically i live in a shared flat with 3 people. our italian flatmate is now looking for another flat because we don't clean the apartment often enough. well that's what she said. we hadn't been cleaning in a while, that's right, but it wasn't always like that. it's just that nobody bothered to print out a new cleaning schedule since the old one is all filled out. now we have to interview a lot of people and discuss them, just like we did some months ago. it's kinda like a popstar contest but less entertaining. ok, not entertaining at all. maybe it could be a little fun if we had a simon cowell.

i found out that there are austrians, who would like to learn or practice turkish and help with the german in return . i decided to look for one on the internet. i think it would be fun to teach my mother tounge and improve my german. maybe i can even make a new local friend. i only have two austrian friends apart from my flatmates. one of them moved to turkey when i moved to austria and the other one is in cuba all the time cause her boyfriend is there, so i need to find more.

now i'm gonna study and i hope i can make it to the library tomorrow.


Göksu said...

I think you just need me! : ) Plus, you are living with me "practically".

You don't need any austrian freaks as a room mate. Neither austrian boyfriends nor room mates are normal. (Sorry for all austrian people who are considering me as a racist now but that's the truth to be honest) austrian friends are good, but nothing more : )
.. I think i'm gonna have a blog too, on these days i realized i am really unable to be alone, thoughts should be shared : )

i am not your freud said...

now now that's a bit harsh, don't you think? :P besides, who said anything about an austrian boyfriend? those guys run away when they feel things could turn out to be relationship-like, let alone serious. i haven't met a single normal austrian guy in my life, that's true. i just wanna have some austrian friends, girls preferably, with who i can talk about the weirdness of men, austrian men especially, and lots of other things. i also wanna get a little more social, have more people around me with whom i have to speak german to. of course i need you, you're my wife after all :) xxx