Monday, December 22, 2008

-hello reader

-how are you?
+fine thanks and you?
-fine thanks sit down. today we are going to talk about the disappearing people (TDP). TDP tend to disappear in certain times and pop back into your life in other times. statistics that i just made up show that %94.9 of the people who disappear from one's life tend to repeat that action. it's like the instructions on a shampoo bottle: apply, rinse, apply again if necessary - disappear, appear, disappear again if necessary.

some well trusted sources, like my humble opinion, show that these people also expect things to be the way they were before, when they decide to appear. this doesn't happen only between people who have something going on, but also between normal friends, or let's say someone you thought you were friends with. of course things could get more dramatic in the first mentioned case.

in spite of the fact that i've been thinking about this issue for a long time now, i haven't quite figured out how to handle TDP. telling them not to do that doesn't seem to work. getting them out of your life could work, but you usually don't want to do that cause you actually like them or you might have feelings for them. TDP, who you have feelings for, are most likely to pop up out of the blue and mess things up, just when you thought you were doing fine. just when you met someone new. the possibility of that disturbs me at the moment. i know it will happen eventually. we can't be together but i wait for him to visit me somehow cause he said he would. although i know i will be able to see him for a few days if he comes over to visit me and then he will go back to england. because of this whole unfinished business/story pattern, i can't not like him anymore but i also don't want to commit myself to something impossible. i don't want to wait for someone i can't be with. but then again... yeah you know the drill. but enough about me, how have you been?


Cornflake Girl said...

tdp'ler şahsına münhasır kişiler olduğundan onları anlamaya çalışma çabası başarısız bir girişim olabilir. İşin ironik yanı anlamak, hak vermek, meşrulaştırmak konusunda sınırları zorlasanız da überTDP'lerin önlenemez kayboluşları varlığını sürdürür

i am not your freud said...

çok resmisin azizim öncelikle üslubunu takdir etmek istiyorum :) sen de bir TDP mağduru olarak anlarsın olayı. geçen gün sinirlendim bi ing erasmus arkadaşımı arkadaş listemden silmeyi düşündüm hep böyle yaptığı için. hala bişi yapamadım ama klasik.