Wednesday, December 31, 2008

probably the last post of the year

yesterday i found my bank card in the pocket of a jacket, which was lying secetly under a pile of clothes in my cupboard. i think i had checked all of the pockets except for that one. i didn’t have to bother to go through all those bureaucratic processes and wait for the bank to send me a new one while having to borrow money when i ran out, after all. great.

my cousin is coming here tomorrow. we'll spend the new year's eve and a few days together. i have to tidy up my room, cause it's insanely messy at the moment, but i don't feel like moving, let alone doing something. i don't even want to go to the toilet at the moment.

this crazily cold weather is killing me. it makes me wanna stay in bed under the covers and it makes it hard for me to go out. yesterday when i came home, my hands were frozen and not working properly. i had trouble getting the keys out of my bag cause i couldn't grab them with frozen hands. yes it's THAT cold. and it will get colder.

on a brighter note:

happy new year everyone! have fun on new year's eve and have a great year!

guten rutsch ins neue jahr!

yeni yılınız kutlu olsun!


Cornflake Girl said...

yapacağımız güzel ve anlamlı şakaların! gerçek olacağı bir yıl olsun : )

fwengebola said...

It can't be any colder than... oh, yeah, it's freezing over there.

i am not your freud said...

cornflake girl - mümkünse geçen gün sana yaptığım şaka gerçek olmasın, şakası bile güzel olan şeyler gerçek olsun.

fweng - yep. good thing you came over when it was still warm AND DIDN'T TELL ME IN ADVANCE THAT YOU WERE COMING OVER.