Monday, December 1, 2008

viennese nightlife

i went out with my friend başak at the weekend. we hit the nightlife. well actually we weren't planning on going out. i was at her place and we were just sipping some wine in our comfortable not-going-outy clothes. i mixed the wine with red bull cause i can't drink red wine and that's all we had. i know it sounds yucky to a lot of people but it actually worked for me. anyways then we started to listen to some party music and all of a sudden we got into this full on party mood. she lent me a cool top and shorts, we dolled up while singing along with the party music and we were good to go.

the place was pretty crowded. we got two white russians and sipped them, leaning our backs on the bar, as we were checking the place out. i met a guy who said he didn't like kissing cause it's "too relationshipy and too commitment-like". oh my god what's with the relationship phobia of the austrian guys?! i asked him how old he was. he said 23 and asked me how old i was. i said "take a guess". he looked at me, squinted and said "something between... 20 and 30". funny thing is, he wasn't joking.

later on, my friend başak started to dance with an american guy (more like he started to dance with her), who kept on asking ME questions about HER, like if i thought she would like him, if i thought he would have a chance with her and stuff. in the end başak said "see you in another life" and sacked him.

there was this elderly austrian man who was telling us things and laughing, thinking he was having a conversation with us. he kept doing it for a long time, commenting about things and laughing, but we weren't in position to understand a single word he was saying since it was very loud, he had a thick austrian accent and we were drunk. i told him a couple of times that i had no idea what he was saying but that didn't seem to bother him. he was harmless anyway.

we also met a bunch of turkish guys but we weren't impressed, since there are zillions of them where we come from. i think one of them tried to get başak's number and she didn't want to give it or something. he turned to me and said that she was so stubborn. i don't remember what i said but i somehow parried him and başak and i moved along.

at some point some austrian hillbillies started to fight because of a girl. they suddenly started pushing and hitting each other. fortunately security was just in time to break it up and maintain drunken peace again.

and yeah other typical stuff happened, like some pretty drunk guys trying to hit on us, us blowing them off, them just hitting on somebody else. the music was pretty good and we danced a lot. all in all it was a fun night.

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