Friday, December 5, 2008

working hours, losing things and thank god you're here

ok so i love living in vienna, but i don't like the fact that austrians don't work much. i got used to supermarkets closing at 6 pm and being closed on sundays, banks closing at 3 pm, a lot of work places having very different working hours during the week which includes most of them not opening till the afternoon on thursdays BUT today i found out that the police stations close at 12 pm on fridays and at 2 pm on mondays, tuesdays wednesdays and that they don't open till the afternoon on thursdays. how cool is that? i can't find my bankomat card and i wanted to cancel it, therefore i needed to go to the police station which covered my neighborhood and fill out a document but alas they were closed at 12 pm. i've searched my room, my pockets, my bags... i can't find the fucking card. i last saw it on monday while doing grocery shopping. i haven't seen it since and i realised it was missing yesterday. police stations are closed at the weekend and this monday as well cause it's a national holiday so apparently i'm gonna have to deal with this on tuesday. brilliant.

i'm trying to calm down by watching "thank god you're here" videos on youtube. it's an amazing australian show i discovered yesterday. there are also british and american versions. there is a description on the official website, which goes:

"Thank God You're Here is based on a simple premise: get a group of well known performers and make each walk through a door into a scene without any idea of who they are or what they're walking into. It might be an operating theatre and a simple greeting, "Thank God you're here, Doctor. The patient's ready." It may be a Roman dungeon, a boardroom, a starship or a talk show. The only things they can depend on are their abilities to make everything up for the next five minutes and cover their tracks as they do it.
There's no getting voted out and it showcases a performer's versatility as well as their abilities to lie, deceive and... well... basically bull@#*! "

so yeah WATCH IT!

while watching 298233729 videos of the show, i discovered an australian comedian called hamish blake. he is great. here is a video from a different show in which he is starring with his co-median andy

here's a bonus video about the truth behind the chain mails

looks like i'm having a quiet one tonight so i'll just continue watching entertaining videos.


fwengebola said...

How the hell can police stations be closed? Don't they have any crime? Or do the Germans run Austria for them?

i am not your freud said...

viennese police - fighting crime between 9-14:00 during weekdays! nah the police come when you call them. i've been to some parties and some people in the building weren't in a party mood apparently cause the police came, told everyone to leave and waited till every single one of us had left. i don't know where they keep them when they close the stations though. maybe they are piled up somewhere, waiting for me to be loud.