Thursday, January 29, 2009

hasta... la vista

iyileşeyazdığım ama hala hasta olduğum şu günlerde zaman zaman burnumdan ıslık/flüt benzeri sesler çıkarabildiğimi keşfetmem hayatıma renk kattı. günlerdir yatak döşek olduğum için hayatım ezik şeylerle renklenir oldu. yangın var diye bağırasım, histerik nevra serezli çığlığı atasım geliyo, onun yerine burnumla süper baba şarkısını çalıp rahatlıyorum. burdan bu vesileyle ally mcbeal'daki john cage'e selam çakıyorum. olsa da izlesek.

türkiye'ye gidip saçlarımı kestirmek, anne yemeği yemek, sağlık durumumu toparlayıp kendime gelmek, dişçiye gidebilmek, bilgisayarımı tamir ettirmek ve özlediğim insanları görmek için sabırsızlanıyorum. döndüğümde o kol gibi sınavı nası geçicem, onun stresiyle gerim gerim geriliyorum. bi de ilişki istiyorum artık uf çok yoruldum.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

i keep dreaming that i wake up

i'm ill. again. i sleep all day long and every time i wake up, i feel like somebody's been beating the shit outta me. seriously, who are these people beating up innocent unprotected girls? go mess with someone your size!

this is the only time i miss living with the family. don't get me wrong, i love my family but i'm much happier now that we don't live together and i visit them from time to time. anyway, when you're living with the family, there's always someone to take care of you when you're ill. at least, they cook for themselves and you eat with them, so you don't have to worry about cooking. i on the other hand, keep dreaming that i get out of the bed, put some water in the cattle, take the potatoes out.then i wake up in my bed, hungry and without having anything done.

this is why i'm ill: well i was out on friday night and i sweated a lot. then i walked home and i gotta tell you, the weather wasn't anything close to mild. i think going to an open air festival the next day didn't help either. i think it was still totally worth it. i had a lot of fun. i went to the festival with "the english guy" who was in town for a short while. it was weird and great to see him again, after all that time. i got so excited on my way to meet him and as we were walking towards each other, as we hugged each other so tight and as he lifted me up in the air and turned me around... all the confusion, happiness, being unable to believe that we are actually together in one place, trying to keep it cool at the same time... i can't express those moments here. so in the end, turns out the feelings are still there but so is the distance. he is back in england and i'm still thinking about him. i'm confused all over again. just like the last time. deja vu. guess what? life sucks.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

başak'tan hayata dair teoriler v.20933820

yeni nesil bebeleri diom olum
ole klasik ev kadini ruhlu kiz sevmiolar
hor goruolar bi yerden sora
harbiden bak
nekadar sevgilisinin evini toplayan godzilla gibi temizlik yapan soganli salcali yemek pisiren kiz varsa yalan olmustur zamanla sevgilisinin gozunde

Monday, January 5, 2009

some random stuff about me

  • i'm scared that i'm gonna throw my computer out of the window one of these days for shutting down by itself while i'm watching something.

  • i draw faces on my carton of milk so that i know which one's mine.

  • my favorite comedians are (in no particular order) cem yılmaz, cenk & erdem, demetri martin, flight of the conchords, şahan, the whitest kids u know, hamish blake, eddie izzard, george carlin

  • i think dane cook (a comedian) is definitely stealing jokes from others and that's just wrong. i find it odd when he does these fake laughs while telling jokes and that many girls from the audience scream and woo every time he says something, also when it's not a joke or something to woo for.

  • speaking of odd, i don't understand why my ex is constantly trying to keep in touch with me and be friends and stuff, when i told him 83930372 times that i don't want that. he tries again every few months. i don't wanna get back together and i know for sure that he doesn't either. he is somehow obsessed with the staying-in-touch thing.

  • i can literally sleep all day long if i don't have anything better to do.

  • 90% of the time, i have something purple on me and 10% of the time something red. i don't think there is a time when i don't have any of these colors somewhere on my outfit.

  • i think self confidence is very sexy as long as you're not stupid.

  • whenever i joke about something with cornflake girl, it comes true. we tried to joke about becoming rich or finding "the one", but universe doesn't buy it when you do it on purpose.

  • i am a freak magnet. maybe they somehow feel that i'm going to be the to-go person in the future, when it comes craziness.

  • i refuse to deal with annoying people unless i'm payed for it.

  • i'm not allergic to anything.

  • i was scared of green plants when i was little and my brother loved making me believe that they were going to eat me by showing me the water drops on the leaves and saying "see? its mouth is watering".

  • i drink a lot of tea. a lot.

  • if a guy speaks english as his mother tongue, he is more attractive to me. i don't know why. all i know is that i definitely wasn't french in any of my past lives.

  • people tend to think i can speak french for some reason.

  • i don't like cooking.