Wednesday, February 11, 2009

back in vienna

i came back yesterday. i had a fun and tiring time in istanbul. i tried to see as many people as possible so i've been running around, arranging stuff and i didn't have much time to sleep. that's probably why i slept forever today. i woke up for a short while during noon and to my surprise, it was actually sunny! i hope it's sunny tomorrow as well, while i'm stuck in the library studying for my big exam. wait, what?

while seeing as many friends as possible and spending time with the family, i also managed to get a haircut, get a couple of things repaired, go to the dentist and buy cheap clothes, which one can never find in vienna.

i also had the chance to go to my cousin's and see her puppy. here's a picture of her biting me with her needle-like teeth. "are you gonna bite me? huh? are you gonna bite me? so you think you can bite me with those tiny... HOLLY SHIT!"



it was great to be home and see the people again. this time, i realized that the topics of our conversations have changed slightly. most of my friends were talking about getting married, buying stuff for their future homes, how they argue with their bosses and future in laws and i was, well, bitching about my exam, which is said to be extremely hard and saying i don't know what the hell i'm gonna do if i can't make it. but some things stayed the same, like my dad complaining about my brother still not getting married at the age of almost 34 and always finding something to dislike about the girls he dates, my brother complaining about my father putting pressure on him to get married and my mother being ill and indifferent to the things around her. although some things make me sad, i loved being around my family again. i always realize how much i had missed them when i'm back home.

i was very lucky to run into one of my flatmates when i was trying to drag my insanely heavy suitcase to my apartment in vienna, cause i had no idea how i was gonna bring that upstairs. it should be forbidden to build buildings without elevators. i'll take care of that when i become the queen of austria.


Trixie said...

Ahhhh....very cute puppy! I hope he didn't draw blood!

fwengebola said...

I want a puppy now. I can symapthise with your friends getting married, and seeing your family and tired Mum after months (not yours, obviously).

By the way, this is holly.

i am not your freud said...

trixie - hehe no there was no blood. just urine. a lot of it. fortunately nowhere near me.

fweng - yeah i'm sure you can. maybe you can also sympathise with my brother, i think he is one year younger than you. about the link: all i see is a picture of some berries. i don't get it.

ecella said...

oy benim hayvanıığğm

i am not your freud said...

evet kafasından büyük kulaklı ısırgan bişey :)