Friday, February 13, 2009

friday the 13th

the english guy decided to disappear again. i'm really sick of him saying things like he's looking forward to seeing me and he's gonna do his best to make it happen as soon as possible and that i'm special and blah blah and disappearing for some time, not answering my email or text and then popping back after a while to confuse me. we're not together, i don't want a long distance relationship anyway, but i want some consistancy.

i just saw that one of my ex's found me on facebook and messaged me saying he is still sorry for cheating on me. seriously, what is with the ex's and their unstoppable desire to contact me? he also says that he is still paying for what he did but i don't quite understand how he is still paying for having cheated on me 3 years ago. he says he hasn't been happy ever since, i don't know if that's supposed to make me happy. i've been happy ever since but i'm unhappy now, what difference does it make?

i'm tired of things never working out between me and men. i'm tired of guys i meet turning out to be weird. i'm tired of men taking me for granted. i'm tired of men.


fwengebola said...

Classic bloke rule #1 ~ Don't appear too keen. Kinda pointless if you're a thousand+ miles away though.

I contacted my American ex a few days ago. Dunno why. I just wanted to make contact again.

Perhaps it was a subconscious Valentine's Day thing getting to me.


i am not your freud said...

the whole not appearing too keen thing is mutual when it comes to flirting and shit, but disappearing and coming back and doing it 93248298 times is something else. i'm sure the american ex is not very happy with you contacting her, thinking the same thing i do when my ex's contact me after i thought i broke off all contact: "wtf?!"

don't confuse the poor thing from miles away. this is a tree. these are people.