Tuesday, February 17, 2009

reasonable career options

after finding out that i have to pass this huge exam with two stages (or 2 exams, if you will) so that i can start my masters here, i found out that all the lectures i'll be taking (=the ones they haven't recognized) are the ones i had always hated and was never interested in. these also happen to be very difficult stuff, like biology, advanced statistics and so on. nothing about psychology, because they recognized all the lectures in that area and counted my physiology lectures for some interesting courses they offer here, instead of counting them for biology and shit. now if i ever make it to the masters program, i will have graduated with a shiny diploma and a lot of unnecessary biology knowledge, having learnt nothing about the fields in which i wanted to improve myself. life is getting better and better!

here are my career options:

  • working my ass off, passing the exams and getting a my degree at a university in austria, just so i can say "hey look i got a masters degree from a university in austria".

  • going to an english speaking country, getting visa via marriage so that i can do a DECENT masters program paying a normal price and not an insanely unaffordable price for non-EU countries or foreigners, while finding a way to avoid my family disowning me.

  • going back to istanbul having spent 2 years doing nothing, seeing if a private university with a rather affordable price would accept me, since the only state university in istanbul with a masters program in clinical psychology happens to be one of the best universities in turkey and they would never accept me. seeing if my dad can/is willing to send me to a private university, since they tend to be very expensive.

  • giving up my dreams of becoming a psychologist and doing something entirely different for a living, hating my job, jumping out of a helicopter saying "yippee-ki-yay motherfucker" 7 years later on new year's eve while the people are counting back from 10.

  • trying my luck with a career in singing

  • saying "the hell with studying", getting married to jensen ackles and living happily ever after.

i'm confused, frustrated and i can't sleep.

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